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Some of our customers' free web sites hosted at

JackBauer.Cd2.Com Jack Bauer's died twice he's hard.
A site in honour of the god that saves humanity time and time again. "Jack Bauer won a game of connect 4 in 3 moves". "If it looks like chicken, smells like chicken and tastes like chicken, but Jack Bauer says its beef, then its beef."
Ball Jointed Dolls
Learn about these uncannily lifelike dolls. Ball jointed dolls or BJD's as they are also known are fast becoming a must have fashion item. Find out why and where to get them.
Sanctuary - Vernette's Yoga, Fitness and Counselling website
Sanctuary is a website (awarded Health and Yoga's 'Privileged Yoga Resource') run by Vernette Butler who is a Life and Fitness Coach that provides 1-2-1 Yoga Tuition, Yoga Therapy, Personal Fitness Training and Counselling.